Logitech G110 Gaming Keyboard

Logitech G110 - 01

Yeah, I spent some of my allowance on this baby…

I got this keyboard for myself last week – Logitech G110 Gaming Keyboard.

Reason for getting this keyboard?? Well, I had an urge to get myself a better keyboard for better typing experience and macro capabilities for gaming, coding and etc…

And so I throw down MYR200++ for this…

Anyway, lets have a quick review of this keyboard.

Logitech G110 - 02

The packaging is the same as other Logitech products. The colour scheme and everything.

Logitech G110 - 03

Back of the box, with explanations of the product’s features. Such as custom colour back-lighting, integrated USB audio, programmable G keys, USB 2.0 hub, and gaming/desktop mode.

Logitech G110 - 04

Removing the outer box.

Logitech G110 - 05

Open box. I had several Logitech products and I can say that almost all of their keyboards used the same standard of packaging method.

Logitech G110 - 06

What’s inside the box,

Logitech G110 Keyboard
Keyboard palm-rest
User manual
Driver disc
Important information (safety, warranty, etc)

Logitech G110 - 07

The keyboard is rather big because of the G keys at the left. But somehow, Logitech tried to reduce the keyboard size by slightly minimize the all the key’s size.

Because of the minimized key, I had a hard time adapting to the new keyboard when I first used it. Somehow, I manage to to familiarize with it after a few hours typing.

Logitech G110 - 08

Bottom of the keyboard, it has a special designed cable management rail for your headphones or whatever thing.. so the cables can go under the keyboard.

But something very stupid is – if I elevate my keyboard, the cable would drop off the rail… this is basically useless..

Logitech G110 - 09

4 degree elevation I suppose.

Logitech G110 - 10

12 programmable G keys, up to 3 unique functions per key. That’s 36 functions in total.

You can set the macro of the G key on the fly by using the ‘MR’ key.

Logitech G110 - 11

On the far left is a switch to turn between Gaming mode (turns off window key) or Desktop mode.

If you’re using the keyboard’s USB audio, there’s 2 keys for you to mute the headphone and the microphone. The right side button is a switch to turn on the backlight on or off.

Logitech G110 - 12

The media controller buttons. The scrolling component beside the mute button is volume controller.

Logitech G110 - 13

1 USB 2.0 hub and Audio jacks.

Logitech G110 - 14

Just a typical plastic palm-rest, unlike other Logitech’s higher end keyboard with comfortable cushion-like rubber palm-rest..

Logitech G110 - 15

Logitech G110 - 16

Palm-rest attached… Look at the size.

Logitech G110 - 17

Plugged into the computer. The backlighting is COOL.

But Logitech decided to exclude GREEN colour from the colour scheme… so yellow, green, cyan and WHITE is out from your colour selection.

Logitech G110 - 18

Left only RED and BLUE. However, the red colour is more saturated than blue colour, well I mean brighter.

I had very few experience of using a keyboard with backlighting feature… but I think that G110’s backlight is dimmer than other G series keyboards.

Logitech G110 - 19

The worst is the purple colour, which you have to turn off your lights just to notice that your keyboard’s backlight is lit.

Logitech G110 - 20

After using the keyboard for around a week, here a short conclusion I have.


  1. Fine typing feel
  2. G keys for macro
  3. Back-lighted
  4. media control key
  5. USB 2.0 hub
  6. onboard USB audio
  7. set macro on-the-fly


  1. too expensive (with a little extra bucks, you can get a G15)
  2. Dim back-light
  3. Uncomfortable palm-rest
  4. useless cable management design

The main draw back of this keyboard is the comfort level. The quality of the included plastic palm rest is so bad that I discard it after using it for one week. I found the attachment point of the palm rest and the keyboard is quite loose.. and this makes screechy noise while you typing while putting your palm on the palm rest.

Otherwise, I’m very satisfied with this keyboard’s performance. Especially with the typing feel and the macro function.

A question for you guys. Would you spend MYR200+ (USD 66) for a keyboard?

3 thoughts on “Logitech G110 Gaming Keyboard”

  1. Mike G says:

    I enjoyed your review of the keyboard, and actually found this after I just purchased one of these earlier today! I may give a little review myself or compare with the input you gave! 🙂

    thanks for writing this!

    1. John says:

      congrats for your purchase =)

      my review isn’t as professional as other review sites, but thanks for reading ^^

  2. Simon says:

    Thanks a lot for this review, I have to change my ugly and dirty keyboard so now i know what to buy ! Thanks !

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