First Impression: Hyouka

Hyouka First Impression - 01

First impression post is back for good, a bit late though.

Anyhow, the first series I’m covering for 2012 Spring season is Hyouka.

The reason? It’s KyoAni.

Hyouka First Impression - 02

The genre of the story is mystery. Thanks to my laziness, I only went to MyAnimeList and read the synopsis, that could not bring understanding to me regarding how Mystery is related with this show.

After watching the first episode, I only understand how everything connects. Well, it’s sort of like detective show or what.. Just that the mysterious cases are revolving around their school life.

Couldn’t deny that the story is quite captivating. Looking forward on how the story proceeds.

Hyouka First Impression - 03

Animation you ask? Typical KyoAni, they still make better lighting.

Just that their drawing style.. thanks to K-ON, KyoAni’s character drawing style have been converted to moeblob style. dammit

Is it the original has the same style?

Hyouka First Impression - 04

Good starting, I must say.

Hyouka in your watchlist?

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