First Impression: Sankarea

Sankarea - 01

When did the zombie boom starts? We’ve seen quite a number of zombie related anime since 1-2 years ago….

After I read the synopsis, I pretty much in doubt that this anime is going hit my interest, but upon checking at and AnimeNewsNetwork, I’m rather surprised at its rating which is quite good.

So I had a thrill with the first episode.

Sankarea - 02

The story is kind of interesting I must say, with the protagonist as a zombie freak who loves everything about zombies.

Sankarea - 03

By the way, there’s a lot of fan-service scenes in this series.

Sankarea - 04

Did I mention they includes cleavage as well? She’s Sanka Rea by the way, and I think she’s hot.

I must say that this show had all of those “accident” scenes done right. Unlike what we had in HOTD.

Sankarea - 05

The end of the story is hints on Rea-chan becoming a zombie.. oh god why..

Episode 2 Fastaaaaaaaaa

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