First Impression: Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai

OreImo - 01

Do you have a younger sister?

Do you want a younger sister who loves eroge and anime?

In fact, I have a younger sister but sadly, she don’t have any interest in those fields.


Anyway, another (long delayed) first impression post – Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai (My sister can’t be this cute). Hereby, we’ll call it as OreImo (thank goodness..).

OreImo - 02

Kousaka Kyousuke, main lead for the series. He found out his younger sister is actually a closet otaku and try to help her in various ways, such as keeping the secret and looking for like-minded friends.

OreImo - 03

Kousaka Kirino, Kyousuke’s sister.

To be frank, she’s kinda cute.

OreImo - 04

The story is based on the novel. Although I don’t read the novel but from the first episode, it gave me a really nice impression.

OreImo - 05

I really like this kind of story – An ordinary brother found out his little sister’s secret, especially about the otaku stuff.

I’m looking forward for more hilarious stuff from this series.

OreImo - 06

While the animation, I’m glad that they picked up the novel’s original character design.

I heard some people criticize the studio to pick the novel’s design instead of manga’s, but for me, I’m still prefer the original design.

Seriously, the animation is done really really well. Can’t wait to see more from upcoming episodes.

OreImo - 07

Do you watch OreImo?

More screenshots from the first episode.

OreImo - 08

OreImo - 09

OreImo - 10

OreImo - 11

I want Kirino as my sister…

OreImo - 12

OreImo - 13

OreImo - 14

10 thoughts on “First Impression: Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai”

  1. CK says:

    she slaps her brother =.=

    1. Raki says:

      slapping is one thing… playing eroge and further more the siscon type is another

  2. MikeD says:

    Well, It’s better than spanking? O.O

  3. John says:

    lol… S play or M play..

    1. Raki says:

      than try MM if you like that

  4. MikeD says:

    I’ve only read the manga so other than the pics here
    I would not know what the novel looked like. But I
    like the art work shown here and would be happy to
    watch it as long as it stays true to the story.

  5. Persocom says:

    This is becoming one of my favorites this season. It’s surprisingly realistic in parts and much better than I initially expected.

    1. MikeD says:

      Chiiiii! I want a Persocom. And not to be mean but
      a real one. ;o)

    2. John says:

      I do agree with you. I really like how plain Kyousuke is, in contrast with her otaku sister.

  6. Samejima says:

    Love this series next to Yosuga no Sora in terms of Moe shows. Too bad my younger sibling is a boy and he’s much matured than me physically but sometimes if not all the time acts so childish. I wish i had a female otaku sister… and not a BL lover.. just too gross like watching total naked swordfights lol :3

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