First Impression: Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai 2

Oreimo 2 - 01

Just finished the first 2 episodes of Oreimo season 2 and they’re great and entertaining. First season of Oreimo caught my attention being an anime about Otaku girls and imouto stuff, to be frank, after completing it, I’m very sure that Kuroneko is the main reason I continue watching Oreimo S2. Nope, I’m not saying the other aspects are not up to my expectation or what, just that Kuroneko being superior than the former. By the way, last season was left off with a cliff-hanger where Kuroneko kisses Kyousuke and left without much explanation. Looking forward for more interaction between Kuroneko and Kyousuke.

Oreimo 2 - 02

Ah, I long hoped that I have that much moolah to afford all those games and figures purchases.

Oreimo 2 - 03

Oreimo 2 - 04

The face we all made when we play that certain games. Episode 2 is filled with all these faces and the story is hilarious.

Oreimo 2 - 05

Not for this, I’m having chills for yandere.

Oreimo S2 in your 2013 Spring Season Anime watchlist?

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