First Impression: Valvrave the Liberator

Valvrave - 06

Try to pronounce Valvrave in Japanese > barubureibu… some sort of tongue twister

It’s been quite a while since I last had a new mecha series in my watchlist. This season we have Valvrave the Liberator which seems quite promising.

Not sure if this is another overbudget commercial for Bandai’s upcoming product or a hidden gem.

Valvrave - 01

First episode introduces the universe, characters and then puts a lot of question marks on your head.

Character design was fine though, especially the eyes. Mecha design is hit or miss. Valvrave is quite spectacular with the aggressive design and colouring, meanwhile regular mechs used by heading-out-to-die soldier ain’t that fancy.

Valvrave - 02

Valvrave - 03

Valvrave - 04

Valvrave - 05

Valvrave - 06

Valvrave - 07

That UI.

Valvrave - 08

Valvrave - 09

On top of that cliff-hanger ending for the episode, I’m looking forward for more development throughout the series.

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