Getting a New Camera

After my sister lost the camera that my father bought years ago, the Canon IXUS 55. She wanted to get another camera. So do I.

She asked for a low cost point and shoot camera, so I’ve chosen the Panasonic Lumix FS6 for her. A 8.1 mega pixels camera which is great I think, based on my research and other users’ review.

As for me, I’m still in dilemma of which camera to choose.

Panasonic Lumix LX3, a compact semi-pro camera with manual exposure. It is a good camera which received bunch of awards. Robert Tan owns this baby.

Nikon D3000, the new entry level Digital SLR launched by Nikon around 2 months ago. It is an upgrade of Nikon D60…

Nikon D60, predecessor of D3000. Since the price is the same while D3000 is newer, for sure the sellers would need to clear their Nikon D60… a price drop for D60 is expected.

Wish I could have:

Panasonic GF1, newly launched by Panasonic. Micro-Four-Thirds system… well, I don’t know how to describe this thing.. try Goggle or Wiki for better understanding.

The LX3 is the most affordable among all my choices, small size, with manual exposure & HD video recording capability. Both Nikon are DSLR, which means that I could capture great images if I have the skill, you can change the lens to suit different needs, however, both unable to record video. While the GF1 is having all my needs, but pricey…

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  1. babaimage says:

    If you need to carry around a camera choose either Lumix LX3 or GF1.

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