Public Speaking and Communication

My first semester final examination started last Friday. The first paper is Public Speaking and Communication.

This subject is one of my favourite subjects among the 6 subjects I took during the semester.

Instead of studying Laws or Logics, this subject deals with our soft-skills.

Yes, I enjoy the lectures and tutorials. Even love the 5-minutes speech and the talk show presentation.

However, I don’t like the paper examinations, because you have to be very specific. The spellings must be correct, or a specific words must be written in its way in order to get it correct. Such as, Speech of Introduction you MUST NOT write as Introduction Speech. No marks for you.

Well, this is public speaking and still the mark allocation is still dominated by examination mark. Theorical 70%, Practical 30%. This means even if you’re a good speaker, but if you don’t perform well in exam, You still can’t score… This is how our country rate a student.

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