GN-0000/7S 00 Gundam Seven Swords

Right after my last post about the 00 Gundam + 0 Raiser, I googled and wiki-ed for more informations about Gundam 00. Surprisingly, I found something really awesome! yeah, and I’m quite late for this information because it was coveraged on October 2008 in Hobby Japan mag.

cover of the December 2008 issue of Hobby Japan, which was sold in October.

This MSV (Mobile Suit Variation) of 00 Gundam is equipped with a Seven Swords System which I think will or already appear in Mobile Suit Gundam 00V. Well, I think it is the upgraded version of Exia’s Seven Swords System.

Scans from Hobby Japan mag.

Explanations and pictures of the weapons

GN Sword II Long
Mounted on the right of the waist. Compared to the current adopted GN Sword II, it has an enhanced rifle mode. But it has a decreased rapid fire capability and increased particle consumption. Its equipped in the premise of the complete operational Twin Drive System, and also it is the only weapon designed for long range battle in the Seven Swords.

GN Sword II Short
Mounted on the left of the waist. Developed as a projectile weapon to replace the GN Beam Dagger which Setsuna often used when piloting Exia. The tip part of the sword is attached to a wire and can be shot out and retracted as many times perused.

GN Katar x2
Medium sized swords mounted on the add-on parts at both knees. A type of heat sword that has not be adopted by any Gundam so far. The cutting edges are made of a material developed from those that are used in GN condensers, as the GN particles change to heat, the heat is transferred to whatever is in contact at the moment. With this feature in theory, it is possible to attack at high temperatures that cannot be endured by the material of the GN Katar. Still in the prototype stage.

GN Beam Saber x2 (not in picture)
Mounted at the back of the waist. The exact equipment that is used officially by its predecessor Gundams.

GN Buster Sword II:
Attached to the Solar Furnace on the left shoulder; it acts as a GN Shield in its ‘kept’ state. Also has the ability to switch to GN Sword mode. In Shield Mode, a large multi-directional GN Field could be generated, capable of protecting nearby allies. For the GN Sword mode, It is a melee weapon with top class destructive power.

More pictures. conversion of 00 Gundam to 00 Gundam Seven Swords by JUNIII

Judging from above information, I assumes this variation would face some trouble when operating on earth since the GN Buster Sword II is hell so big and heavy (of course)… It would throws the suit out of balance. However, if it is used in space, it won’t be any problems. Somehow, kinda dissapointed when knowing it just a MSV. I hope to see it in action in the TV series.

Anyway, I bet Bandai is gonna release this kit, because they already released 00 Gundam and Avalanche Exia which is a MSV from 00V.

Translation and Information from: & The Bonkurasu Brigade

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  1. xnumbers says:

    Hey I’ve noticed that the seven sword might not be compatible with the O Raiser because the docking point seems to be missing. I am aware that the kit is a scratch build, so maybe the docking point is not found on this model. What do you think?

  2. hayate says:

    i think can..
    hey still got xn-riser beside o-riser lei…

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