Winter 2009 Anime

Anime for winter season 2008/2009, I thought I should give a simple preview of it.

Click for large resolution

Click for LARGER resolution

After looking through those titles above, I found that only few series are getting my attention. The number of series made me want to say: “HELL NO!!!” increases too…

Most of the animes for this season are sequels of those animes that I’m not interested with…

I will watch:

  1. Minami-ke Okaeri
  2. Kurokami The Animation
  3. Maria Holic
  4. Sora o Kakeru Shoujo

I may watch:

  1. Akikan!
  2. Asu no Yoichi!
  3. Chrome Shelled Regios

I’m going for National Service during the season and most(75%) of the animes during that period sucks doesn’t appeal much to me. I guess this is a good thing lol…

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