Good Ol’Days

Cleaning up my old house… you can’t imagine how messy there is…

in the process I found lots of antiques and brings back memories too..

guess what is this.

antique Iron… har? donno? aiyo the Iron that we use to iron our clothes de ar.. antique one.. got a bit different la… it uses charcoal to heat up.. ^^

looks like treasure box… I used to live in that house for 13years, but I never noticed there are such a big box there…

Bunch O’ Belts

Obviously this is not an antique, i think it is brand new 1.. any takers?

mini glasses, guess what..

It is a pin… nice design..

Video casettes for the Video Cam and audio casette…

Old newspaper…

The date is stated 24/12/1997…. omfg

If you cant see what is that… let me tell you… it is a rat poison.. the brand is ???… omfg.. the rat will die in three steps after taking the poison… wah.. so geng.. but after leaving it so long time… the rat eat liao also no effect..

no need me to explain liao… (actually i donno what it called)

errrr? hahaha

after whole day of cleaning.. stilll… got lots of things haven’t done yet… so tomorrow have to continue.. zzz

2 thoughts on “Good Ol’Days”

  1. verycurious says:

    ah john.. near pics u can use macro function (the flower sign)in ur phone.. then u’ll get mcuh much clearer pic for near object… and must press half the shutter 1st to get into focus… hehe.. just my 2 cents..

  2. John says:

    hehe, unfortunately… my phone doesnt have that function.. ow.. dont even think about ISO…

    digi camera my sis took edi..

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