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Paiseh… for being missing from my blog for quite some time. Many activities are going on few days ago: scouts camp, helping out my father, repairing computers and etc…

Straight to the topic, Ju Shuen’s computer died last week and he ask Choon Yong and me to help him repair his poor computer. He gladly accepted my offer to upgrade his computer. aiya, rich people mah.. not same macam us ma… (haha)

Since my house is so small, we’re using Choon Yong’s house as my base… Using his house as a base of repairing computer is the best, because:

  1. his house is big
  2. various tools
  3. various programs
  4. he also repair computers…

I striped his computer, to know the specifications

Striped apart… Intel Pentium D 820 Processor on MSI 7200 motherboard

Processor and heatsink

Taking away the processor

after examine his computer, decided to upgrade his motherboard and graphics card. I ordered a ABIT IP35P motherboard and XFX GeForce 8600GT XXX Edition + ZALMAN Fan. the total price is $???… cannot tell.. (><blek)

After making the payment, Tada… The items arrived to my doorstep 2 days later… Thank you Pos Laju..

Videos of unboxing the items…

whoa… this to baby is monster… After upgrade his computer… the performance is increased rapidly.. expecially the graphics quality… impressive..

messing around Choon Yong’s house… LD… not the oldies black black de disc.. LD

haha, Pei Feng also at there…

It took me 1 whole day to complete the upgrade.. lolx.. coz.. lots of drivers are crashing.. and his 512 RAM is crushing with his motherboard…


Ok… Take a look at this picture..

do you ever noticed that corner? That is RSS feed… Well, I mean.. If I put BlazeXLR8’s feed at my wordpress… when Blaze update his blog.. it will show at here… clicking here would directly bring you to his website.

this is a type of method to help others to make promotions of their blog/website.. helping each other to grow their website, increasing their readers.

currently… I only put 3 RSS feeds, Danny, Blaze and Christine for testing stage.. I wants to increase the feed.. who wants to have their site’s RSS feed to put at here… feel free to msn/email me..

or someone who also wants to learn how to put RSS feed.. I would gladly teach you…

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