Creepy picture huh… Finally I got my time to sit back and enjoy my time on surfing my favourite websites, especially DannyChoo.com, which I missed a lot during the 3 months living at ChoonYong’s house. Of course, I wouldn’t forget to update my burogu.

Okay in this post I think I might briefly talk about the SPM examination that just ended last Thursday… Well, everything seems just happened yesterday, and I couldn’t believe that I’ve gone through that nasty examination…

Firstly, I would like to congratulate (what the…) other SPM candidates (Science class) for successfully finished the 9 days, 11 subjects, 24 papers, 45-hours quest… I know that period was hell so tormenting…

I couldn’t recall much what happened during the exam… thus, I’ll just simply go through the papers…

The head invigilator, oh sh!+ I forgot his name, someone please name him… He reminds me of Francis Alberto, Penolong Pesuruhjaya of Daerah Manjung’s Scouts. Strict, guai lan, reasonable and what else… I can’t find anyway to describe how his words are… “This is not pasar”, “Have you done bargaining the price of the fish?”, I’m the boss here!!”

I’m not licking his boots, I’m saying the truth. He earns my respect just like my respect to Francis Alberto for being able to control a huge troop… How would SPM like if the head invigilator is someone who does things casually…

I’ve done some prediction on the papers I took… about which grade it would be…

  • B. Melayu – B, I think
  • English – B, I think
  • Sejarah – C, I think
  • Mathematics – A or B, I think
  • A. Mathematics – C, I think
  • P. Moral – B or C, I think
  • Chemistry – C, I think
  • Biology – B, I think
  • Physics – B, I think
  • 华文 – B or C, I think
  • EST – A or B, I think

above statements are just prediction, I hope most of them would do better…

Day after the SPM ends, Friday, I went to LowYat Plaza with JuShuen and Pearly’s brother… ah, almost forget that Pearly also tagging along…

I’ll write about it in next post…

thanks for reading…

4 thoughts on “I’m BACK”

  1. verycurious says:

    Our ex chief invigilators’ name is Robinson Fernandez

  2. SOMEBODY says:

    I FAILED most of my papers!!

  3. filetofish says:

    come on..
    wh with the negative.
    i bet you are going to do well in spm.
    have faith.
    the cheif invigilator wasnt that bad.
    he was strict but yet he is soft in the inside.
    he did wish us good luck during the final day.
    anyway forget about spm. have fun and relax.

  4. John says:

    Verycurious: thanks for naming him lol…

    SOMEBODY: i bet you meant “I SUCCESS most of my papers!!”

    Filetofish: yeah, you’re right, we should enjoy our life now… hehe

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