Shopping at Low Yat Plaza

Last Friday, went to Low Yat Plaza to shop for computer accessories, together with JuShuen, Pearly and her brother… It was JuShuen’s idea for the trip and he invited me to go as his advisor (^^).

Now I only realized that I didn’t took any photos during that day… I didn’t bring along any camera and don’t want to use my phone to take the pictures as I’m not satisfied with the quality. Sorry… no photos…

We travel in his father’s spanking S-class.. That was an awesome experience. Ever since I’ve started to travel on wheeled vehicles, I never experienced such a stable car. It was something that couldn’t be describe through words alone.

His driver drop us somewhere near the plaza and we had no idea where the plaza is… and now Pearly show us her skill of asking the locals for the way to the plaza. I’m totally understand that why girls are always have the advantage in social networking over the boys… (forget what I said just now…). and we did reach our destination.

I think everyone should go to LowYat Plaza once in their lifetime… Try out to being surrounded by millions ringgit of electronics. Holy moly, it is a heaven for me…

walked around and looked for various things… JuShuen wanted to get himself a lappy (laptop), gaming mouse, D-SLR camera, ExterHDD, headphones and other accessories… while Pearly wanted to get a D-SLR camera and a USB-flashdrive but ended up getting a ExterHDD… Her brother tags along because he heard that I’m going too.. (he likes computers and he knows that I’m a PRO…)

Spent 5 hours in there and our loot were as below:

  • Acer Laptop (deposit oni…)
  • Logitech G9 mouse
  • 2x D-SLR
  • 3x ExterHDD (extra 1 is Christine’s)
  • 2x memory cards (extra 1 is someone’s)
  • Sannheiser headphones
  • … anything else?

I only bought myself 100pcs of DVD plastic package… I don’t have enough money to buy anything expensive… The main objective I went there was to survey on the prices…

I think I should buy my lappy after NS… ah… NS…

6 thoughts on “Shopping at Low Yat Plaza”

  1. yongying says:

    so u r one of the lucky ones~
    NS… NS…
    next year is my lucky draw for NS
    hope that i’m the unlucky one!!! XD

  2. BlazeXLR8 says:


  3. BlazeXLR8 says:

    eh! i wan to as, how u change the wordpress icon de…hehe! can u teach me????

  4. John says:

    Err guys… do you know that “edible” means “can be eaten”…. are serious about the poll.. lol lol I was really surprised..

    Yongying: Why am I being chosen… I want them to return my 3months life time…

    BlazeXLR: got money, got DSLR… change which icon? I mean your face one?

  5. BlazeXLR8 says:

    why ur blog got snow de????????????????
    the wordpress icon neh!
    besides the pls to type web address de ah!

  6. John says:

    eh…. yalo.. how come the picture like that..

    the snow I also not very confirm how to do… this few days not very often write blog…

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