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New year, New Updates. For 2010, I’ve done some changes or updates to this blog, well, although some already up-n-running for quite some while already, but I think it would be nice if I could explain them in this post.

Best viewed in at least 1280px width resolution

On October 2009, I decided to increase the resolution of photos posted on my blog from 500pixels width to 800pixels. The main reason is that the 500pixels width photos posted on my wordpress look extremely awkward and small if browsed on displays larger than or 1280pixels width.

After I did some research on the most common display resolutions used in year 2009, I discovered that users using 1280pixels or larger display resolutions are starting to increase their number on the statistics. While 1024pixels resolution starts to fade off but still stands around 36% of overall users. Below are the resources:

This change might be a bit risky that I would lost some readers that still using 1024pixels resolution or lower. However, I receive no complains after implemented it for 2 months, so I though it would be safe to convert my wordpress to 1280px.

“Click to Continue Reading” tag

click to continue

Same goes for this feature that I tested in several posts since few months ago. The “click to continue reading” tag is used in order to reduce the time required to load the page.

To make things clearer, lets explain this with examples. If my homepage is set that to display the most recent 8 posts, then if each post is consists of 10 photos, this means that users have to load 80 photos at a time. This is a huge waste of time and resources.

Therefore, by using the “click to continue reading” tag, my home page would still display the most recent 8 posts, but only showing the quick summary of each post, such as showing the first picture of ten pictures. After the user click the “click to continue reading” link, it will bring the user to the full article.

Comment Nesting (comment about the comment)

comment rating

The comment nesting, which means you could reply someone’s comment. As simple as shown in the image above.

Post & Comment rating

post rating

The post and comment rating system is something that just applied not long ago. Well, it’s just something to evaluate how good the post/comment is…

New Anime Review Format

Well, this is just something minor that only applies starting this year.

Instead of writing my reviews in long long paragraph form, starting next review, I will cut down my words and simplify the reviews maybe into short sentences or point form.

Reasons are: Time constraint, keep it simple and easy understand.

Thank You for all the support.

Sorry for such a rushed post, life has being hectic, My second semester is coming to an end, which means finals are coming soon! Therefore, I have to spend more time on my studies so that I could maintain my results… (hope so…)

Anyway, I have to thank all of your continuous supports which made this blog continue to grow.

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