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I’m sure that everyone have your very own desk or at least your working space of such as kitchen, workshop or whatever place it is.

My working space/my desk has gone through a lot of changes throughout the year, after moving and getting new furniture…


Lets start off with something quite old. This photo was taken some time around April 2009 at my home.

My desktop was placed downstairs, directly under the stairs. Well, this is the best photo I have for it.


May/June, I moved to the rented house at Kampar because I’m taking my foundation course at Kampar’s UTAR.


I share the room with comrade HuiHui…


Well, we did occasionally invite our friends came over to have a mini LAN party.


After 2months, we decided to move our beds to the living room and sleep at there. The main reason is because the house is so hot, and sleeping in a hot and muggy room is no-no…

weeko15-09 (2)

This is a photo of my home’s desk, taken on October… I moved the desktop to first floor’s reading area.

weeko15-11 (2)

Because the desk I was previously using (which sponsored by comrade Robert) is too narrow, I decided to get a proper reading table. It is a second hand table bought from cheap sales which primarily sells stuffs from bankrupted/closed companies… Same goes for the chair.


At the end of October, we moved to a new house. Article about the moving can be read here. This photo is taken few days ago… after living here for almost 3months…

Borrowed the sound system from Robert, BMB twin speaker rocks!!


So, that’s the brief history of the evolution of my desk in just 8months…

5 thoughts on “My Desk”

  1. Kairu says:

    My workdesk seems to stay somewhat organized…..kinda lol. I have no room to work if I were actually write something. I also have NO room for my laptops, so I just have to let them collect dust =_=
    Really nice upgrade on the work space >.< looks nice.

    1. John says:

      from your blog, your room looks extremely nice.. way more better than mine^^

  2. Ex14 says:

    LOL. i have no workdesk ._. if i had to choose it’ll be my bed or my living room table OTL. O and i misread kampar for kampfer. lol was stunned at that for a while OTL

    1. John says:

      I LOLed at the “misread kampar for kampfer” XD

      1. Ex14 says:

        lolthats what one hour of sleep does to you man @_@ lol

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