K-ON! Episode 1

New anime series of 2009 Spring season – K-ON!. The first episode was aired on 3rd April. Watched fansubbed version last night, It is so great that I decided to blog about this anime.

If you guys wondering why this anime’s title is K-ON!, this is because in Japanese, “K-ON” has the same pronunciation as “Keion”, short for “Keiongaku” (軽音楽) “Light Music”. “Keion-bu” (軽音部) is “Light Music Club”.

This girl is Hirasawa Yui. She enters the light music club without knowing what the club actually doing… Which she ends up becoming the guitarist of the band.

Tainaka Ritsu, she is the drummer and leader of light music club.

Akiyama Mio, she plays bass in the band. Only 1 episode, she became my favourite character of this series. don’t you think that she’s so attractive.

Kotobuki Tsumugi, she have a gentle personality and plays keyboard in the band.

[Cagayake! GIRLS], very cute opening theme. The music sounds very “genki” (lively) and the characters are so adorable.

Mio ^^ she’s cool.

The first episode turned out to be a WONDERFUL and promising episode. Looking forward for 2nd episode.

The ending theme, [Don’t say “lazy”], rocks… I’m 100% absolutely love the ending… FULL marks!!!

Some coolsome screenshots of the ending…

Mio is so cool and yet adorable… More screenshots of her… ^^ Noticed that she plays a left-handed, 3-Color Sunburst Fender Precision Bass with tortoiseshell pickguard.

Mio rules!!! Can’t wait for next episode to air… I have to keep up my Japanese lesson so that I could watch RAW version… T.T

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