Week’O 13

Breast Enhancing Ringtone

Found this accidentally on youtube… Dr. Tomabechi had invented a kind of ringtone that would increase the size of a female’s breast for 2cm if she listens to the ringtone for 10 times a day, for a total of 20 days.

I don’t think it’ll work for males… Girls out there who wants this ringtone… erm, I got…


Playing mahjong with my friends… found this mahjong set in my old house… I believe it is older than me… ^^

Some said that playing mahjong is not nice, because most people usually thinks “play mahjong = gambling = bad habit”… Well, I think that mahjong is a very nice game, which you have to observe other players, plan and decide what to do in order to win or prevent others to win. Of course I don’t gambling…

Did you played mahjong before? Talk about mahjong, below is the promotion video of Saki, one of 2009 Spring season’s anime.

Master Grade Unicorn Gundam

I had this MG kit for a year already… wanted to construct it, but never get a chance to do so… always busy with all kinds of stuff… Until recently, i got some free time to do this project…

The Psycho Frame, It GLOWS… Bandai used some kind of light collecting material for this ABS part…

Shinjuku Incident

Went to watch movie with my friends, DaoQi and Simon on 2nd April. Intended to watch Fast and Furious 4, which on air on that day. Good gracious, the tickets were sold out… Finally, we choose another new movie by Jackie Chan – Shinjuku Incident

Don’t wan’t to spoil the story for you. Simple summary:

In the early 1990s, a tractor mechanic from China nicknamed Steelhead (Jackie Chan) enters Japan illegally, in search of his girlfriend Xiu Xiu (Xu Jinglei). Steelhead and his friend, Jie (Daniel Wu) meet in the busy Shinjuku district of Tokyo and take manual labouring jobs to earn money. When Steelhead finds out that Xiu Xiu has married a Japanese Yakuza leader named Eguchi (Kato Masaya), he decides to remain in Japan…

This is actually a very good movie, the background are very well portrayed, such as the Yakuza community, Japanese society, gothic and etc…However, in Malaysia, this movie is being filtered… quite a lot being cut away… below is the movie trailer…

Fast and Furious 4

We never give up on what we wanted to do… 2nd day, We went to watch movie again… this time, we booked the ticket earlier… Still barely get the ticket, the front most row..

What I can say after I finished the whole movie is: “your money won’t be wasted.” Go watch this movie if possible. I’m looking for another chance to watch it again.

picture below, Jordana is so COOL in her Honda NSX. Hoping to see more actions from her…

Ching Ming Festival

Today is Ching Ming Festival, which also called as All Souls Day or Tomb Sweeping Day. Went to clean the tombs of my grandparents and great-grandparents.

It is a day to remember and honor our ancestors. We Chinese take this festival very seriously as it is a time to reflect, honour and give thanks to our forefathers.

3 thoughts on “Week’O 13”

  1. BlazeXLR8 says:

    Jordana face square in shape…weirdo…haha

  2. enrius says:

    well for me, I tend to avoid playing mahjong if not necessary (to be a ‘kaki’ during family reunion etc etc)… Because my mom used to ‘force’ me and my sister to play with her when I was around 10-12.

  3. John says:

    BlazeXLR8: just a type of face… lol

    enrius: haha.. so it became your childhood’s nightmare…

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