K-ON!! Episode 20

K-ON!! Episode20 - 01

The 20th episode of K-ON!!… is simply amazing…

I thought there would be something about the concert because of the new song,

but who would thought of… a simple conversation between the girls would make me… (ehem..)

K-ON!! Episode20 - 02

It reminds me of my secondary school times…

For those who don’t know what is K-ON!, seriously, you need to watch this anime.

2 thoughts on “K-ON!! Episode 20”

  1. Raki says:

    I wonder will K-ON break the trend of slice of life series by not stopping after the girls graduated from highschool and entering to the Uni/college life. Just not, the manga is ending in sep 9 almost the same time as the series T.T

    I haven’t read the manga so I don’t know how the last few chapter would be. but i heard [SPOILER]club will still survive with some other character filling in but it wouldn’t be HTT without the original member. right?[/SPOILER]

    But a guy can dream, right?

    1. John says:

      yeah, I heard of that rumour too…

      mixed feelings ><

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