Red Eyes Black Dragon by Good Smile Company

Red Eyes Black Dragon - 01

Red Eyes Black Dragon

Scale: NON (height approx 300mm, stand included)

Sculpter: Iwakura Keiji

Manufacturer: Good Smile Company

Original: Yu Gi Oh!

Release Date: 2010 December

Retail Price: 70000yen (incl. tax)

Information from:

Holy COW???

I browse through GSC’s site today and found this update…


Red Eyes Black Dragon - 02

Good Smile Company launched their new series – Artwork Series. The first batch features the two famous dragons from Yu Gi Oh! series. Red Eyes Black Dragon and Blue Eyes White Dragon.

Red Eyes Black Dragon - 03

I was shocked that GSC is actually releasing something different from their usual products…

Red Eyes Black Dragon - 04

Crazy detailed… The size is reported appox 300mm height. I could imagine how huge this figure is. O.O

btw, each of this polystone statue will include a unique serial number.

Red Eyes Black Dragon - 05

btw, did you noticed the 70000yen price tag??

INSANE stuff with INSANE pricetag…

Red Eyes Black Dragon - 06

NO, with that pricetag on, definitely pass on this…

4 thoughts on “Red Eyes Black Dragon by Good Smile Company”

  1. Kyle says:

    Passing on this for sure….but dear god. If you did not tell me it was from Yu-Gi-Oh I would have thought it was from D&D game.
    It kinda scares me a little ^^;

  2. John says:

    yeah, I was like “WTFBBQ?!” when I saw this update on their site. LOL..

  3. agustino says:

    i thought this is coming from the monster hunter..
    btw,can i ask the model please?
    i want to made it from papercraft..

    1. John says:

      Model? You mean the actual figure itself? or what?

      Sorry but those pictures and information are all I’ve got.

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