K-ON! Episode 3 – Special Training

WARNING! Spoilers ahead.

Horray, 3rd episode of K-ON! In this episode, their club is having a crisis, which they would be disbanded if Yui doesn’t pass the exam.

Yui failed her test and have to retake her test. If she fail again, she would be banded from club activities, which means Light Music club have to disband due to insufficient member…

Surprisingly, Ritsu’s did pretty well in her maths..

While I wonder how are Mio and Mugi’s results…

Yui gets distracted during the whole week for her to prepare for her re-test. Which ends up everyone helping her out…

Ritsu makes Mio angry… ^^ but Mio still cute when she’s mad.

Nodoka came too, she is Yui’s neighbor and have known each other since kindergarten.

Test time… Everyone worries about her…

So how is her re-test.. watch K-ON! episode 3 to find out.. ^^

Great episode the preview for episode 4 seems to be very promising which they’ll having a special training camp for their band…

2 thoughts on “K-ON! Episode 3 – Special Training”

  1. 雪梨子 says:

    Are this anime nice?

  2. John says:

    For now, episode 3 is the latest. I think this is the best anime for Spring Season 2009. love it

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