Trio Kampar Trip

As I mentioned in my previous posts, that I went to Kampar with comrade Rlbert Tan and HuiHui.

We went there to take a peek at the university that we’re gonna study in future and looking for a house or room that is available for us to rent.

Went by bus, have to change a bus when arrived Ipoh.

After reaching Kampar, we walk to Robert’s grandma house from the place we get off the bus… all thanks to Robert, 15minutes walk became 30minutes… He forgot the way to his grandma’s house

His grandma’s house…

After settling down… by walking, we decided to go have our lunch then only go to UTAR. On our way to have our lunch, we met Robert’s uncle. His uncle ask us to have a ride on his car. We go to UTAR straight. Surprisingly, UTAR is so far away from his grandma’s house. I thought I heard someone said that very near…

Unfortunately, that day UTAR is closed, I mean, not open day… Then his uncle drop us, we went to have our lunch… The toilet at the kopitiam… gets D-class toilet!!! and they even put a notice:”our customer free of charge, others rm0.20 for a pee.”

this time Robert’s cousin is guiding our way, which we wont lost like how Robert guided… ^^ he said that he have no sense of direction.

cleaning up our room, because we’re spending our night there.

His cousin suggested that to go to Ipoh because PIKOM PC Fair last day at Ipoh.

This is a great system, equipped with OCZ accessories.

Big fan, Robert likes.

show girls. ^^

before we went back to Kampar, we had our dinner then have a visit at Ipoh’s IMAX. We took photos only…

5 seat.


Robert’s grandma house.

Robert’s Aunt brought us for breakfast. For the first time I ever seen prawn mee with thick noodles.

then, we went UTAR.

lots of bicycles…

after that, we went to the housing area nearby which i think i exclusively build for students. We found that the rooms are hell so expensive and we don’t really like the design, everything just seems so weird… FengShui problem i think. Especially this room… lol..

Took a photo with that suddenly-pop-up-thing. Upper left to right, HuiHui, Aunty, Robert’s cousin.

online a while at local cyber cafe – A Station. very big desu.

had our lunch

pack our things and go to nearby bus stop. time to go home.

Few days ago, received reply from UTAR that we’re being accept for the foundation programme.

6 thoughts on “Trio Kampar Trip”

  1. BlazeXLR8 says:

    wow, the d class toilet so geli..
    eh, got many funny stuff in this post le. the unpaid thing, toilet, the mee, the weird room…///wlaoa!!haha

  2. adencx says:

    Walao!!! Felt faint while readin yr blog la.. XD
    Kampar so cb wei!! Especially d toilet things.. Lol.. Beh tahan..
    So hv u rented a houz thr? o jz stay albert (new name wo..) a ma thr??

  3. Moody Cow says:

    3 brothers..bwhahah

  4. John says:

    BlazeXLR8: the toilet really disgusting… they even want to charge other customer for 20cents..

    adencx: why faint? rented a house edi… no prob… it is Robert not albert… its a typo.. edited

    Moody Cow: wat 3 brothers…

  5. tudgal says:

    wow!! damn funny!!! great toilet which really really LMAO~
    by the way, foundation for which course? congrates!
    utar in kampar is a nice place… nice environment 🙂

    1. John says:

      Foundation in Arts, 3rd stream for Information System Engineering.

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