Kampung Koh “My New Village Stories” Carnival

Carnival - 01

As I promised, here’s the photo post of the carnival that was held during 1st of August.

The carnival took place at my primary school… good-ol-days..

Well, I guess I should do some explanation about “new village” and whatsoever..

Carnival - 02

What is a “New Village”? via Wiki & my History subject taken during Secondary school.

New villages, or also known as Chinese New Villages are settlements created during the warning days of British rule over Malaysia in mid 1950s.

This is part of the anti-communist war strategy in Malaya (Malaysia was called Malaya before independence).

Forming these settlements will segregate the villagers from the Malayan Communist Party. Thus cut off their sources of support from the population.

Check Wiki if you’re interested.

Carnival - 03

So, how many New Villages were formed?

450 new settlements were created and it is estimated that 470,509 people – 400,000 Chinese – were involved in the resettlement program.

Estimated that today, about 1.2 million people live in 450 New Villages throughout Peninsular Malaysia. About 85% of the population in New Villages are ethnically Chinese. The ethnic Malays take up about 10% and ethnic Indians roughly 5%.

Oh yeah, Kampung Koh is one of them.

Carnival - 04

Astro AEC channel, to celebrate the 51st year anniversary of New village settlements, they created this documentary, about the famous New villages around Malaysia.

I’ve watched the documentary about my village and currently looking around for that episode. I’ll post up the video if I could get my hands on it.

Astro AEC My New Village Stories blog. (Chinese)

Carnival - 05

Enough babbling… Lets enjoy the photos taken on that day.

All taken with LX3 and sadly, the battery went dry before the night event…

Carnival - 06

Carnival - 07

Carnival - 08

Carnival - 09

Chinese tea sets, these are sponsored by one of the villagers to support the charity sales.

Carnival - 10

The famous Kampung Koh chilli sauce.

Made in Kampung Koh.

Carnival - 11

Siu Yok (Roasted pig)

Carnival - 12

Sushi King also came over.

Carnival - 13

Carnival - 14

Carnival - 15

Carnival - 16

Sushi King even organized a Sushi making class.

Carnival - 17

Cendol – a tasty traditional dessert made of shaved ice, palm sugar, coconut milk and jelly made from pandan leaf and rice flour.

Carnival - 18

Carnival - 19


Carnival - 20


Carnival - 21

Carnival - 22


Carnival - 00


Carnival - 23

Hallway of the class building. I think this building is around 60-70 years old already…

Carnival - 24

Traditional games.

This a game that uses the rubber tree seed. First draw a circle on the floor and place some seeds in it. Then you have to use throw a seed and hit another seed out of the circle. And, the seed that you threw must be out of the circle too.

I’ve seen some children could hit 2 seeds at once. PRO.

Carnival - 25

Carnival - 26

Carnival - 27

This uncle makes traditional toys, such as fans and grasshoppers by using wire and long weeds.

By the way, he sings along while making the toys.

Carnival - 28

He’s such a nice and funny person.

Carnival - 29

Carnival - 30

Carnival - 31

And I went around the school.. and noticed some minor changes.

This is the new block which was build when I was grade 5.

Carnival - 32

This is my class during my grade 5 and grade 6.

Carnival - 33

To my surprise…Look at all the posters on the wall.

I decorated the class by pasting all those posters on that wall, and all of them still intact…


Yes, that is Kinkaku ji (Temple of Golden Pavilion).

Carnival - 34

Ah… It sure brings back a lot memories..

Carnival - 35

Carnival - 36

I hope you guys enjoyed the photos…

ishhhh.. I still need to study for my exam… so, please bear with such a rushed post…

3 thoughts on “Kampung Koh “My New Village Stories” Carnival”

  1. MikeD says:

    I think the pictures are great, John. It’s nice to
    see your home town and the Carnival is cool too.
    The food looks yummy, the conveyer belt sushi
    was interesting and the guy making fans and
    grasshoppers was cool.
    Looks like a nice place to live.

    1. John says:

      Glad that you enjoyed the photos. =)
      I love my hometown.. best place to live.

      I should post up more photos around my hometown. Probably gonna do that during my semester break.

  2. beelee93 says:

    The carnival looks fun! Great too see people of different faiths come and enjoy together once in a while!

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