Massacred by Censorship


I’m back, well, sort of…

Still have one final paper on Monday, but since it is an English language paper, I guess it’ll be fine.

Now, here’s a copy of Dengeki Hobby which I bought from, y’know, bookstore…

And look at those marker-pen traits…


Obviously, this magazine has become a victim of Malaysia’s censorship…

This might be an old news for those regular Dengeki Hobby readers, but heck… This is just unforgivable.


Sometimes, they’ll rip the whole page off if they find the content is a wee bit “sexually offensive”…

But wait, anime figures?


Oh come on~

How do you think of this?

9 thoughts on “Massacred by Censorship”

  1. Raki says:

    I think you should try import from store in japan and pray the custom will just let it pass. But for the bookstore owner, its either censor or don’t sell… their don’t want to be caught on the wrong side of the law.

    Also thanks to Malaysian censorship, I don’t go to cinema anymore

  2. MikeD says:

    That is just wrong. And kind of dumb too, after all
    you can find really bad stuff on the net
    Guess they just don’t want you doing naughty
    things to your figures. ;o)

  3. John says:

    @Raki – haven’t tried importing any magazines from japan yet, because I simply don’t have that much spare money to spent on magazines. and yeah, talk about movies, everyone are pissed at the “processed” movie…

    @MikeD – LOL, so true. They thought the books have more harm than internet.

  4. Anime Onsen says:

    childish behaviour.

    Why the hell would they censor pvc figures?

  5. Ex14 says:

    I’v e imported from japan and trust me….the shipping kills. on the other hand I don’t find it wrong that they’re censoring it. tbh I think you as a citizen should just abide to their laws and rules. I mean better to get it than not get it at all right?

  6. Raki says:

    Good lord.. You got yourself mention and your article featured on


    1. John says:

      OMG… I just checked my news feed, I never thought this simple post would cause such an uproar.. swt

  7. Persocom says:

    This is beyond stupid. But, I guess it’s better than going so far as to outlaw it altogether.

  8. dreaming Artemis says:

    That is totally screwed up! You should have asked them to open it up then decide to buy it or not. Use your buying power to let them know you won’t buy crap!

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