Kawai Ameri by Orchid Seed

kawai-ameri -00

Kawai Ameri

Scale: 1/8

Sculpter: Minheru (Blond Parrott)

Manufacturer: Orchid Seed

Original: Tayutama -kiss on my Deity-

Release Date: 2010 May

Retail Price: 6800yen (incl. tax)

Information from: Orchid Seed

kawai-ameri -01

Lovely Kawai Ameri from the TV anime series, “Tayutama -kiss on my Deity”.

kawai-ameri -02

Well, a bit NSFW (not suitable for work)… but she’s too lovely..

kawai-ameri -03

I have no single idea of the character because I dropped the anime series…

kawai-ameri -04

The manufacturer, Orchid Seed, do heard about them from time to time but have no idea about their quality and so-so… Anyone own any Orchid Seed’s figurines? Their quality good?

I saw some of their previous productions in their site and they look very nice.

kawai-ameri -05

I’m very curious of her demon-like-heart-shaped-tail…

kawai-ameri -06

kawai-ameri -07

2 thoughts on “Kawai Ameri by Orchid Seed”

  1. Leonia says:

    I like the face of this figure, but she is a little to sexy for me ^^ I had only one Orchid Seed figure (Lancer)

    1. John says:

      so what’s your comment regarding Orchid Seed’s figure quality based on your Lancer?

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