Mushkin 2GB DDR3 RAM

Mushkin2GB-DDR3 - 01

The first open box review for Project 955’s parts is the RAM!!!

The Mushkin 2GB DDR3 1333MHz DIMM-RAM.

Mushkin2GB-DDR3 - 02

This is my first time using the Mushkin RAM, before that I’ve always being a supporter for Corsair and Kingston’s memory products.

Mushkin2GB-DDR3 - 03

Sliding the black box reveals the RAM itself enclosed in a typical RAM box with transparent enclosure. You’ll found a user manual in the box too.

Mushkin2GB-DDR3 - 04

Since I’m just getting a value RAM, this is how boring it looks like… However, there are bunch of reviews out there talking about Mushkin’s reliability.

Mushkin2GB-DDR3 - 05

The memory chips are all produced by Mushkin, the company itself. I’m looking forward to put this RAM into the system that I’m going to build.

Overall, even though the packaging is quite simple but I like the way how it is done, especially the black sliding box with “Mushkin Enhanced” on it.

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