Kem PLKN Terkok

How could I forget to introduce my camp… Kem Terkok…

I got my PLKN magazine yesterday, along with a DVD of photos. Oh Joy, from now on I’ll blog plkn posts with photos. no more boring texts…

From the entrance, we got a large parking lot which also works as a volleyball court. Photo of our trainers having a game of volleyball.

This is the camp’s office. The left building in the picture is Logistic Unit.

While the right building is Medical Unit.


Our camp’s survival village. Learnt how to build these when I was a scouts. Oh, I’m still a scouts. Need to keep up my english level…

The multi-usage-hall. One side works as canteen, the place we had our six meals a day.

While the other side we used as gathering hall. Got a stage though..

Beside the hall, we got a special room for Trainers-in-Duty. Bilik Jurulatih Bertugas or in short Bilik JLB.

Behind the JLB room, we got some classes. We had our Character Building module, Intergration program module and Nationality module there.

This is the surau where our muslims friends went to pray everyday.

This is the place we hate the most… Marching Court…

This is the Rope Climbing area (high element). I heard that this tower is the highest among all the PLKN camps in Malaysia.

Kembara Halangan. got videos from youtube though…

Actually there are a few places not including in the photos, such as the mini-grocery shop, the burger stall, dorms, and the lake… etc etc

This is what we had every morning… Nice mountain view and the air is fresh.

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