K-ON! Episode 2 – Instrument!

Warning, Spoilers ahead.

Second episode of K-ON!, this episode is about getting a guitar for Yui.

The episode starts by introducing every light music club’s member and why they choose their present instruments.

Akiyama Mio, She chooses bass because she is a shy girl. She said that a guitarist is just like the core of a band which attracts everyone’s attention. She’s so cute^^

Kotobuki Tsumugi, she came from a rich family, she started playing piano since she was only 4-years-old.

Tainaka Ritsu, her reason for choosing drum is because she thinks it is cool. She don’t like guitar or keyboards because one have to move their finger non-stop… I’m agree with her statement.^^

Almost forget that she is Yui’s little sister, Hirasawa Ui.

They went shopping for Yui’s new guitar.

She was attracted by a Gibson’s LesPaul Standard Honey Burst. But whooping 250,000yen pricetag.. Her budget only allows her to get 1/5 of the guitar…

Which they decided to get a part time job… as traffic researcher, counts traffic…

Mugi-chan… moe

When they give their money to her, she denied their help and decide just to get an affordable guitar. Well, I think she don’t want to become her friends’ burden.

When they went to the shop again, she’s still can’t let her sight of the Gibson. Which Mugi-chan decided to bargain the guitar for her. Well, the shop was owned by her family, she easily get the guitar for 50,00yen.

Sleeping with her new gig.^^

a fun episode to watch. Some ultra cute scenes.

By the way, spotted this accidentally.. It should be Gibson right? I wonder Kyoto Animation did this purposely or it was a mistake…

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    wow…that will be so interested. I would love to watch.

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