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When wireless mouse debuted for commercial users back then, the price was sky high. But, now you could get one for less than RM50.

This mouse costs only RM40 from All IT with promotion – free mini mouse mat (I assume it costs around RM5 – 10). Super best buy, and I instantly got it for my girlfriend who lost her mouse few weeks ago.

Tech Specs

  • 12-month battery life
  • Nano Receiver
  • Easy scrolling
  • Smooth, responsive cursor control

Source: Package info


Logitech M185 - 01

Typical Logitech product packaging, simple and straight forward.

Premium Logitech devices have different packaging though.

Logitech M185 - 02

Product information at the back of the box.

If you ever opened a fully plastic sealed enclosure, you’ll understand how troublesome the process is.

However, Logitech’s packaging has two openings at both top corners. It makes unboxing even easier.

Logitech M185 - 03

  • Mouse
  • Nano receiver
  • 1 AA battery (pre-installed)
  • User documentation

Look, Feel, Usability

Logitech M185 - 04

Plug and forget nano receiver. The USB plug is even bigger than the receiver itself.

I think losing this rendering the mouse useless as well?

Logitech M185 - 05

The mouse itself.

Logitech M185 - 06

Standard button layout for a mouse, without extra buttons.

The buttons works perfectly well, and the rubberized scroll wheel feels just right. Middle click requires a little extra force though..

Logitech M185 - 07

Bottom of the mouse.

The mouse would automatically go into standby mode or “sleep mode” if it is left unattended for a few minutes. Don’t have to worry of the battery life if you ever forgot to switch it off.

The mouse also supports Logitech’s Unifying technology where multiple Logitech wireless devices connects to only one Unifying receiver, effectively utilizing the USB port.

Logitech M185 - 08

Invisible Optic. O.O

Logitech M185 - 09

Battery Removed.

AAA battery is surely lighter than the AA battery, but higher cost. Well well…

Logitech M185 - 10

There’s a tiny slot beside the battery housing to keep the nano receiver. Portability without the fear of losing the nano receiver.



  • Light weight (compared to other wireless mouse)
  • Smooth pointing
  • Portable
  • Nano Receiver housing
  • Bang for the buck


  • Small-mid sized (might not fit large hands)
  • Slightly heavier than wired mouse (need some time to get used to)


  • The battery weight about the same as the mouse itself (AAA battery could be lighter, but higher cost.)

Comparing a *coughchinacough* branded RM20+- wireless mouse and Logitech’s M185, some would ask why spend RM20 more on a same product.

Both could be made in China, but I would rather spend my RM40 on Logitech’s quality product rather than RM20 on a crappy mouse that can’t last, which always ended up buying more mouse.

Looking for a wireless mouse for cheap? You won’t go wrong with Logitech M185.

3 thoughts on “Logitech M185”

  1. Tako says:

    I’m having the same wireless mouse. Bought it from popular? XD

    1. John says:

      Nope, buy from All IT hypermarket. Yours cost how much?

      1. Tako says:

        RM40 only.

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