Logitech Performance Mouse M950

Logitech M950 - 01


I’ve been using Logitech’s PC peripherals since I got my Logitech G1 desktop combo when I was 11.

My father was so furious of my purchase because the desktop combo costs RM100+ at that time.

A lot money hor? Keyboard and mouse need RM100.

Instead of any cheapo desktop sets, the G1 desktop combo gave me an unprecedented experience of using a set of proper keyboard and mouse. Hence, I’ve been using Logitech’s keyboard and mouse since then.

This time I think I went a little bit too far – RM289 for just a mouse…

Tech Specs

  • Darkfield Laser Tracking
  • Logitech Unifying Receiver
  • Flexible recharging system
  • Hyper-fast scrolling
  • Sculpted, right hand shape
  • Four thumb buttons

Source: Logitech


Logitech M950 - 01

Premium packaging..

Logitech M950 - 02

More pictures and info at the back

Logitech M950 - 03

Open the front lid. Hello M950.

Logitech M950 - 04

  • Logitech Performance Mouse M950
  • Micro-USB charging cable
  • AC power supply
  • Pouch for charging system
  • USB Unifying receiver
  • Receiver extender cable
  • CD
  • Quick-start guide
  • Tips guide

Source: Logitech

List of candidates who contribute to your RM289 price tag.

The CD, quick-start guide and tips guide are kept in the box.. Who need those things nowadays, one could always download the latest driver from the official site and those guides are simply killing our trees, better stop including them.

The included AC power supply and receiver extender cable is really nice, but I hardly use them as I could always charge from my PC USB port and I don’t use my mouse more than 3 metres from my PC (unless HTPC). They’re kept in the included pouch.

Look, Feel, Function

Logitech M950 - 05

The mouse is ergonomically designed for right hand users. Sorry for those left-handed users.

Logitech M950 - 06

LED indicator to show battery level or your DPI level.

Logitech M950 - 07

Sculpted soft rubber thumb rest. Trust me, it’s super comfortable.

4 customizable buttons, sorry, I forgot to include a proper picture of them.

The lower thumb button positioned at a awkward place and I does take time to get used to it.

Logitech M950 - 08

Reason why I choose high end Logitech mouse – Hyper-fast scroll wheel. There’s no other mouse maker has this feature.

Push the switch to change between normal clicky scroll or hyper-fast free-roll.

I have a few problems with the scroll wheel though, the middle click is a little bit stiff to click and left/right tilt do not have any clicky feedback. Resulting a smooth left-right scroll, but you can’t be sure whether you got the left/right scroll registered or not when you press it.

Lastly, the included Smooth Scrolling add-on driver. Logitech claims it will help to improve the scrolling of the mouse. Using the add-on was a disaster, the scroll wheel responds to even slightliest movement, even when I shake the mouse. It effectively drop my middle click accuracy from 99% to 1%. Disabling/uninstalling the feature return everything back to normal.

Logitech M950 - 09

microUSB slot for charging.

You can still use your mouse while charging, but the USB cable is slightly thicker and heavier than any regular mouse cable, hence it easily hinders your mouse movement.

Anyway, you could always leave your mouse charging while you’re away.

Logitech M950 - 10

Bottom of the mouse, with the rechargeable battery removed.

There’s no receiver housing, come on Logitech, making a hole isn’t that hard. (Still you can put the receiver into the battery compartment.)

The mouse is quite smooth and it provides nice slippery glide for the mouse, and it is exchangeable. (but I couldn’t remember if there’s any replacement mouse feet on sale)

GP ReCyko+, it claims to be 4x longer lasting than regular alkaline battery and capable of 1000x charges.

Logitech M950 - 11

Even though the battery is good, but a full charge couldn’t last more than 5 days of heavy usage. What a bummer… I don’t know why, perhaps due to the Darkfield laser or whatsoever technology on it.. Don’t you agree it’s weird? Logitech M705 laser mouse (2 AA batteries) promise to have 36 months of battery life or worse 12 months in real life I assume, how come a high end mouse with better battery couldn’t last for even a month? Good thing it is rechargeable.



  • Ergonomic
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Rechargeable
  • Darkfield Laser – I can use my mouse on a window
  • Customizable buttons
  • High quality scroll wheel – Hyper-fast scrolling & side tilts
  • Unifying receiver
  • Smooth pointing
  • High quality buttons


  • Weight
  • Size


  • Premium price
  • Wasted accessories
  • Middle click is a little stiff
  • Horri-Terri-bad “smooth scrolling” driver
  • slightly laggy on wake
  • Short battery life
  • No receiver housing
  • LimitedĀ customization

At the price tag of RM289, M950 doesn’t come cheap. You certainly expect it to live up with its price tag. The build is solid with outstanding performance, Logitech has done a good job on this mouse, hardware in precise.

The driver is not as good as what I expected, apart from the annoying smooth scrolling add-on driver, the default Logitech SetPoint driver has certain limitations as well. I was to customize the extra buttons to perform certain actions on certain applications, however, the driver limits only certain button is customizable. I assume Logitech wants to avoid the same level of customability with their G series mouse. I’ll get rid of this problem via third party software to fully utilize all the buttons.

Nevertheless, I enjoy using the mouse, the comfort level and performance is top notch. I even took it to my workplace because it increases my productivity.

2 thoughts on “Logitech Performance Mouse M950”

  1. Raki says:

    At the world high end PC peripherals, its only the tip of the iceberg. Can wait to see you getting your first mech kb, mate šŸ˜‰

    1. John says:

      nope, I own a mech kb already.. planning to get 2nd tenkeyless mech k/b for portability

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