LX3 Project

LX3 Project?

The Panasonic Lumix LX3, nicknamed Lumi-chan, has being my loyal companion since 5 years ago. Review of the camera by dpreview and Danny Choo have influenced my decision to purchase LX3 instead of other competition models. Here’s the unboxing and first impression post when I first got it.

Other than influencing my camera buying decision, Danny Choo also inspired me to get into the world of photography. I always loved Japan and his beautiful photographs of the daily life in Japan has sparked my inner passion and curiosity towards photography. What comes afterwards is fun yet painfully long learning curve. For instance, once I tried mimic others photography style but soon found out the hard way that I will never come close to what others will because everyone has their own photography style.

Sooner and later I began to settle down in my comfort zone, I deem my photographs are better than average and I feel good about it. Even worst is I thought my skills are limited by the technology limitation of the camera. That’s the scariest thing I have ever done and I never realise it until few months ago when I found a whole list of amazing photographs taken with LX3 on flickr. Why the quality of my photographs has stopped growing. Is it because Lumi-chan being old?

No! It’s because of me, the person behind that camera has stopped learning because he’s too comfy in his comfort zone. What hits me the most is during Comic Fiesta 2014, when I borrowed my friend’s Canon 60D + 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 kit lens + 50mm f/1.8 prime, hoping to get better images out of a better camera. Turned out 90% of the photographs I have taken are all rubbish due to human error.

So just as what I vowed in my 2015 new year’s resolution, I want to go back to the basics, look at what I have missed throughout the years and improve my photography skills.


1 year, 52 weeks, 52 photos and 52 short stories.

This project will give myself a chance to take my photography back to basic. To get inspirations from my surrounding elements and catalogue my development throughout the year.

With LX3, I will look for my very own photographic eyes instead of blaming on equipments and technology, just like DigitalRevTV’s “Pro Photographer, Cheap Camera” challenge. The photographers look for workaround and take amazing photographs despite being given a much more lousy camera than my LX3.

I hope this project will once again spark the flame of my initial passion towards photography and bring me the next level.


  1. To post a photo under the “lx3-project” and “2015-with-lx3” tag every Sunday night
  2. If deadline is missed due to certain reasons, the photo must be uploaded in Monday night
  3. The posted photo must be taken within the week itself (Week starts on Monday, ends on Sunday)

2015 with LX3

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2014 with LX3



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2013 with LX3



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2012 with LX3



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2011 with LX3



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2010 with LX3

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Previous Wallpaper Wednesday series will be updated as 2010 to 2014 with LX3.

That’s pretty much how I’m going to do this, let the year of LX3 begins.

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