Went Ipoh

Went Ipoh

went to Ipoh with JuShuen today. Ju Shuen is the “dangerous” driver, oh ya, Ze Yang tagged along too. At first we’re going to Ipoh for attending a speech, but it turns out to be a weekend trip at Ipoh Parade.

Did all sorts of crazy things with that 2 fella…

especially when having our lunch, We had our lunch, various kinds of FOODS just RM14/person.


Forgot the name of this dish… ?? Pizza.. Mexican Style..

Went for a movie at GSC, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The movie is GREAT.

on the way home, saw a pretty funny accident. I dont know how he did that.. plus the man standing beside the car is the driver, I think he’s pretending as a pedestrian… lolx

From another angle

what? too far? here’s the close-up

I bet he’s overspeeding, judging from the braking line on the road… and his car decided to die at the spot, poor guy…

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