Marina Island Pangkor

Marina Island - 01

“Where is the AFA update post??”

I don’t know if I ever mentioned about that my room’s mosaic tiles were damaged due to unknown reasons and it was repaired during my trip to Singapore.

I removed everything from my room including the bed and whatsoever… before I left.

Thus, when I reached home on Monday night… I was extremely tired and still need to clean up the mess so that I could sleep in a clean environment.

And so, until yesterday I was able to move everything back into my room, yes, including my PC.. so give me some time to organize the photos before posting them.

Marina Island - 02

So in replace of all those update posts.. Here’s the photo post of my visit to Marina Island Pangkor. Not be confused with Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands.

Marina Island Pangkor is one of Malaysia’s premier man-made islands, which are being built on the coast of Teluk Muruh, opposite Pangkor Island and Pangkor Laut.

The view is stunningly beautiful and I couldn’t believe that I’m standing on a man-made island, simply amazing.

Download higher resolution photos HERE.

Marina Island - 03

I’ll leave you with the photos..  as I need to rush my assignment. Enjoy~

Marina Island - 04

Marina Island - 05

Marina Island - 06

Marina Island - 07

Marina Island - 08

Marina Island - 09

Marina Island - 10

Marina Island - 11

Marina Island - 12

Marina Island - 13

Marina Island - 14

Marina Island - 15

Marina Island - 16

Marina Island - 17

Marina Island - 18

5 thoughts on “Marina Island Pangkor”

  1. verycurious says:

    hmmm =S
    i gotta say john.. pics taken ain’t so good due to the bad weather..
    we should go together next time when the weather is great!
    and take chun pics that makes ppl go..


    1. John says:

      true, that day I went after rain… sad case…

      Lets go “clicking next time =)

  2. MikeD says:

    Great pics John. Make me wish I was there.
    I might have to put Malaysia on my list to visit.
    As for the pics from AFA, do we want to see them?
    Yes! Are we in a great hurry? No! we do understand,
    so take your time. I didn’t see any pics of Danny
    with a black eye or hear any rumblings so I
    guess you didn’t hit him hard enough. ;o)

  3. shinyen says:

    the beach so leng..but u go alone so wasted!!

    1. John says:

      I didn’t went alone lea.. you know la.

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