My Studies at UTAR

After study at UTAR for the 3rd week, I thought I’d like to share my life here.

First, regarding what I’m currently studying. I took UTAR’s foundation in arts program which lead to the course of my choice, Information System Engineering.

For the first semester, I have 6 subjects to study.

  1. General Mathematics 1
  2. Computer Studies
  3. Introduction to Accounting
  4. Principles of Economics
  5. English Language
  6. Public speaking and Communication

Its funny for a science educated student to start off from arts stream in university/college. This is because Malaysia wanted to create a nation with high knowledge of science. And what they did is during secondary school, they make those students who score well in their exams into science stream.

What is the point for forcing every brilliant student into science stream? Won’t the industry went unbalanced? what we gonna do if there’s too much science students… They’re just killing off those students who don’t have interest with science.

And, so, Now, I’ve gotten into the Information System stream, thus, I have to study real hard in order to move forward. This is what I’ve always dream about.

Among the 6 subjects, I like and feared Computer studies the most. I like it because I always like computers, software and hardware. I fear it because I couldn’t imagine that if I couldn’t handle this subject properly. Yet, I’ll do whatever it takes, since there’s no turning back for me now.

While general maths is a nightmare for me. I thought it was something like modern maths, but I’m totally wrong. First chapter is about Logarithm…. its just like Form 5’s additional maths, even deeper…

Accounting and economics is quite interesting, unlike science subjects which deals with theoretical, logic and bunch of unfamiliar things. Accounting and economics deals more with our common knowledge/sense or what we always used and money… =.=

I don’t have any comment on English and public speaking. Since both subjects’ objective is to enhance our language and communication skills. I think its quite nice if it doesn’t burden us.

That’s all for this post, will write a proper post whenever I’m free.

5 thoughts on “My Studies at UTAR”

  1. Frances says:


    I have a couple of questions about your blog:

    1) Is it OK with you if I spread some link love and link to your blog? I think my visitors would like your blog.

    2) I noticed on your blog that you link to other blogs… do you think its possible for you to link to my blog

    Please let me know what you think. Thanks for your time.


  2. sozai says:

    gambateh!!fight for our dream!!

  3. adencx says:

    Haha.. Its lyk a report!! Bt clearly noe tat hw wel n hw nt wel u doin.. Lolx.. Gambateh lo.. Enjoy yr college life la.. Wil gt 2 yr place soon.. Prepare 4 d comin of sakai!!

    1. John says:

      No need use that much shortcut words aa….

      Your comment so hard to read…

  4. verycurious says:

    love the post john 😉

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