Twinhead Laptop Back-Pac

When you buy a laptop, normally, you’ll get a mouse and a laptop bag for free. You’ll get even more free stuffs if you buy a laptop during promotion or PC fair, such as USB flashdrive, USB hub, and even USB powered vacuum cleaner.

I didn’t get that much of free accessories since the time I bought my 4937G is not during the store’s promotion time or PC Fair. Anyway, I still got a free laptop bag and a optical mouse which I traded it to Logitech V120 Notebook Laser mouse.

Was really satisfied with the laptop and the mouse, however, the included laptop bag is so disappointing. I don’t really care if the bag looks good or not, as long as it serves it’s purpose well. The major problem of the bag is it’s size. The size is so small that after you put your laptop into it, you’ll having problem stuffing your power cable and mouse into it, don’t even mention about other things… What is the purpose for having a bag that could only fit a laptop inside it, am I suppose to get another bag for my power cable and mouse? It would be annoying to traveling around with 3-4bags…

By the way, I personally prefer a backpack than a briefcase. In terms of safety, a backpack is more safety than a briefcase. While in terms of comfort, carrying a backpack is more comfortable than carrying a briefcase.

After using that crappy laptop bag for a month, I decide to get a new bag for my laptop. Went to the PC shop beside Sitiawan Econsave, name that shop, cause I forgot the shop’s name… As expected, the prices are sky high, raging from unknown branded RM60 to Dell/HP/etc RM150. Even worst, the shop has few choices only, after struggling for few minutes regarding which bag should I choose. I finally decided to buy this Twinhead laptop backpack.

The bag is divided into 3 sections, the front section with several “slots”/mini-pockets for mini-notes, stationery and CD/DVDs. It has a mesh pocket, I think it is for earphones or cables.

Middle section has large space for books or power cables…

Back section for the laptop. It could fit in a maximum 14inch laptop, still have some space for your documents.

The padding of the bag is done pretty well. Interior and exterior are done really good. I like the backside’s padding, the feeling when carrying the bag is so great.

Overall, was really satisfied with this backpack, I could put my laptop, plastic folder, stationery case, 500ml bottle and some stuffs in it. Comfortable to carry around too.

What kind of laptop bag you’re using?

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