Neregate closes down on April 13th

If you’re my regular visitor, then you should be knowing that previously I’ve been posting about my planned anime watchlist for the seasonal anime based on the anime chart provided by Uncle Zana from Neregate. Imagine how my heart sank when I read the title of the sticky post published on Neregate’s site.

Some history

Sometime around 2010, I first discovered seasonal anime charts on the Internet. Pardon me, because I’m a real noob when it comes to effective utilising the resources at that time. Seriously, I’ve been blindly looking for anime to watch back then even when I had the Internet. I never knew that someone is actually spending their time and effort, putting together informative charts about anime shows for the season.

Inspired by some anime blogs that I happen to stumble upon, I decided to write and present my own anime watchlist for each season. Of course, the reference materials will be no other than the anime charts provided by Chartfag and Nelson aka @cowboybibimbop on Twitter. Hence, on 11th April 2011, my first ever anime watchlist goes live.

Two seasons into writing the watchlist, then I had my very first problem. Both of the chart providers are inconsistent for their own reasons. Chartfag being a university student, no doubt that reality is hitting him real hard before he went completely missing after August 2011. Meanwhile, Nelson being on Twitter is extremely difficult to track of his/her activities. Heck, to date, I don’t even know if Nelson is a he or her. I just know that there are tonnes of girls and idols stuff on the @cowboybibimbop handle.

Then, after I did some search on Google, I came across this site, It was a godsend because his works are extremely consistent and high quality. His charts became my primary reference for the upcoming season shows. For in-depth information, I still go to MyAnimeList and AniDB.

I continued posting my anime watchlist featuring Uncle Zana’s anime chart for another 3.75 years (15 seasons!) until MyAnimeList introduced their online seasonal anime chart. I do feel sorry for dumping the good-old-chart that was made by hand with all the tedious information compilation, but I still crosscheck both contents to make sure I had a better understanding on the synopsis.

Then, I posted my last anime watchlist on January 2016. That was my 20th season anime watchlist I ever posted, rounding up a good 5 years of writing a watchlist. Then, I went hiatus from my blog to concentrate on my day job. (Seriously, f*ck you, real life) By the way, I still follow his seasonal charts even if I’m busy with all my work and I plan to make a comeback with the anime watchlist for 2017 Spring season. Anime is part of my life, and they can’t be replaced.

Thank you

It was a long ride with Neregate and I was shocked only to find out his announcement this late. The trigger was all the broken link warnings because he took down all the older charts. It was even more devastating when he mentioned the decision to take his site offline for good. It’s like wiping off his very existence from the planet.

– Letting this place be a living archive was an absolute “No” for me. If I was to stop posting, then it would mean closing. That was very clear in my mind.
– I was never the owner of the artworks posted here, so it wouldn’t have felt right to let art on display in a place frozen in time.

Nevertheless, I respect his choice and I sincerely thank him from the bottom of my heart for all the time and effort he had put into this passion of his. Seriously, I read through his final post and that was amazing with all the stuff he experimented to improve the experience of browsing the anime chart.

Life goes on and I wish all the best for his future endeaveors.

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