Pay Back What You Owe

I had the idea of writing this for quite some time, but never really gave it a go until today.

This is about the student loan fiasco that we had for quite some time in Malaysia. Regarding how the ex-students are avoiding payment of their student loans and how the government is now taking drastic actions to make them pay back their dues.


In Malaysia, there’s an authority under Ministry of Education which is responsible for giving study loans to students who are looking to pursue tertiary education in Malaysia. The mentioned authority is National Higher Education Fund Corporation, or in Malay, Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional, abbreviated as PTPTN.

As PTPTN is not as strict as banks on the repayment, therefore some students took the advantage and purposely avoid the repayment. Until last year, PTPTN finally announced that their system will be linked with CTOS and Central Credit Reference Information System (CCRIS). In short, those who are black-listed will face the following difficulties:

  • Barred from leaving the country at the immigration
  • Denied of any loans from banks


I have met countless people who purposely don’t pay their student loan. They say things like:

  • “I don’t have to pay, it’s the people’s money, it’s my money. I’m just taking what belongs to me, they can’t do anything to me.”
  • “The Government already take so many money from the people, why should I give them my money.”
  • “Pay RM50 every month can already lah, enough shut their mouth.”
  • “They will only send the warning letter if don’t pay for few months. Just pay RM50 when you receive the second warning letter lah.”

I seriously cannot believe what I heard from these people. Wow, they have bachelor’s degree some more. Much WOW!

If you don’t pay your bank loan, other than having a negative impact on your credit score, the bank will also take drastic actions such as repossession. Just because PTPTN is not being strict, these people take things for granted.

After PTPTN implemented the blacklist, they start to complain about it on the social media, saying how the government is desperate for money, trying to extort poor people’s money, blablablablabla.

Yes, they are very angry. Why? because they are barred from leaving the country at the airport immigration. Missing flights and of course their vacation.

clap clap clap you have money buy iPhone, go vacation but no money to pay back your student loan?

At least PTPTN is lenient, you can leave the country immediately after you make your due payment or restructure your loan repayment.

I know I’m kind of late for this rant, but it’s never too late to talk about bangsat masyarakat.

Pay back what you owe. Even if the lender is a dick, don’t be a dick yourself.

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