Photo Shooting: School Girls, Malaysian Style

School Girls - 01

Went to a photo shooting event last weekend, themed “School Girls, Malaysian Style”. Organized by a couple of freelance photographers which are my Uni’s students too.

Unlike my past events such as PC Fair show girl shooting or Cosplayer shooting, this is probably my very first planned model shooting event. The main difference between two is, the photographer has more control over the situation in planned model shooting. When you shoot at an open event, you don’t expect you could have full control over the surrounding elements especially the crowds.

Anyway, thanks to Lobak Yong for inviting and I appreciate that the organizer accepted my participation, and as expected, out of all photographers, I’m the only one who’s not equipped with a D-SLR. Which means, all of the photos are taken with my Lumi-chan (LX3).

School Girls - 02

Even though the topic is about middle school girls, but the shooting actually took place at my Uni because we couldn’t borrow the planned venue which is a local middle school.

School Girls - 03

Thanks to Alicia and Elaine being our models of the day.

School Girls - 04

School Girls - 05

School Girls - 06

School Girls - 07

School Girls - 08

School Girls - 09

School Girls - 10

School Girls - 11

School Girls - 12

School Girls - 13

Thanks to Daniel for organizing the event.

School Girls - 14

Behind the scenes.

School Girls - 15

Million thanks to all the photographers who attended the event, the three hour session was awesome. It was fun to know people with common interest. Chatting about photography gears & techniques while group shooting is the best of all. Oh, not to mention how lovely our models are. =D

I learnt a lot from the event. Something that I never think of before… Something that I never dared to do before… Skills and techniques. This makes me think of further pushing my photography skills by entering the world of D-SLR.

Do you shoot?

11 thoughts on “Photo Shooting: School Girls, Malaysian Style”

  1. Blacksun88 says:

    school costumes for girls (shirt and pinafore) are the few good things from malaysia 🙂

    1. John says:

      You bet, the pinafore made Malaysian’s school girl uniform unique.. though I prefer the shirt + skirt combo…

      1. Jason says:

        Just Malaysian schoolgirls posing happily around ?…lame.
        Why not having a discipline teacher severely caning their asses over their pinafores while they are leaning against the blackboard. I believe that’s gonna be a great photoshoot.

        1. John says:

          Great idea. O.O!!

          1. American way says:

            Something like this buddy ?

  2. Persocom says:

    That’s pretty cool, I’ve never been involved in a group photoshoot (of any kind). The uniform looks pretty cool too. Though I’ve never been to a school that had uniforms myself. I get confused easily by technical stuff and prefer to just experiment. It hinders me at times but it makes it more enjoyable for me.

  3. Lionel says:

    Hi, John, I am Lionel. I went into your blog from Google searching result. I am running a academy centre and we are currently design some brochure that need to out some students photos into it. I would like to ask if I can buy the photos of your school girls shooting? Thanks, hope to receive your reply soon. My email is, and our website is /

  4. sham says:

    Nice pic.

  5. Chan says:

    they look like “ばば” … 私の趣味 でわ ありません 。。hahaha

  6. son says:

    I’m a secondary student from malaysia.And i had witnessed lots of girls severely caned by our principal over their pinafores while they are leaning against the table.After the caning,they would normally cried for the whole day.Recently,one of my female classmates were caned for six times on her buttocks over her pinafore as she was caught cheating in the examination.

    1. Kevin says:

      We’re they caned in front of the class and and if yes what was the girl’s reaction in the process of being caned and was there any sound produced when the cane hits them?

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