UTAR Flea Market 2011

Flea Market 2011 - 01

My Uni is organizing all sorts of events from talks to mini concerts to flea market to crappy shows… Most of the exciting events are organized by the clubs and societies though.

I missed last year’s flea market, this year, I took part in it by registering a booth to sell my useless-yet-still-can-be-used stuffs.

Flea Market 2011 - 02

To make this post otaku related.

Flea Market 2011 - 03

My booth.

I sold my Haruhi, bye bye Haruhi.

Flea Market 2011 - 04

I’m surprised that the organizer is actually accepting non-student’s applications. There are booths selling commercial products. I guess some students are teaming up with the shops to make money at flea market.

It was a nice experience. Doing business ain’t easy. There are customers who are interested with the stuffs, but they change their mind in merely few milliseconds. =.=

For the whole day, I’m stuck at my own booth. Unable to move around for long time = Unable to take photos of the event, because when I start clicking, it’s not just 5 minutes matter.

3 thoughts on “UTAR Flea Market 2011”

  1. fabricerequin says:

    So nice you get a least a small anime related event in uni,
    mine is like none existence :/

    1. John says:

      Actually, the event doesn’t have any relation with anime… Only my booth that sells the figurines makes it teensy-bit anime related lol


  2. Kyle says:

    School hosted flea market? That is rather interesting. I haven’t been shopping at one in years. Then again the ones around here only sell fruit and clothes for older women.

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