Quick Journal 20131228 – So many things to do yet so little time…

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I first started the “Desk/Weekly Journal” series so that I could write about my random encounters. But then, I totally abandoned it… My last Desk/Weekly Journal entry was like written back in March. So, for the sake of restarting this half dead category, I just renamed it to Quick Journal instead.

Trivia stuff aside, I’ll share about my recent endeavours as a fresh grad salaryman. The job is alright and I’m kinda enjoying it. Despite my title, software engineer, however most of my tasks are primarily focus on research and development. The good part is that I get to involve in all sort of uncommon troubleshooting and assisting in getting new items and components up and running for the business. It is a challenging responsibility where I have to pick up something that I might not specialized in, for example application security and configuration, then try to troubleshoot the issue from there.

Apart from work, along with my uni friends, we joined a training programme provided by Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC). It is a weekend training program that targets fresh graduates who just started their working life, just like us. Many asked what kind of training program that would take up our weekends? Yes, You heard it right, weekends, as in Saturday and Sunday. The program was initially planned to cover 18 days across the period of 8 months, but the participant companies requested to have this training compressed to 4 months instead.

If you calculate the days, you might end up around 4-5 days of training per month, but since we had a rather slow start during October, now we have to suffer in December and January… In fact, one could feel the impact once 3 out of 4 weekends of a month is taken by a whole day training. All those taken weekends starts to affect my life, especially my house chores like cleaning up the room and other stuff..

Then I joined Tech-Critter, a tech review blog as one of the authors, which turns out tonnes of products came in…

All I could say is, I have to manage my time properly so that I could still live my life normally…. orz…

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