Saber Lily ~Golden Caliburn~ by Good Smile Company

Saber Lily ~Golden Caliburn~ 01

Saber Lily ~Golden Caliburn~

Scale: 1/7

Sculpter: Kawahara Takayuki

Producer: Good Smile Company

Original: Fate/unlimited codes

Release Date: 2010 February

Retail Price: 9000yen

Information from:

DescriptionThe knight clad in pure white.The previous figure ‘Saber Lily ~Distant Avalon~ is still popular well after its release, but now she is back again wearing less armor, leaving her beautiful flowing dress visible for all. Her expression has also been altered to a subtle smile as she brandishes her glimmering sword through the air.┬áHer sword ‘Caliburn’ as well as its scabbard are all detailed down to the finest of details, and with her agile, fine body; it’s hard to believe that she is a servant that fights in the Holy War. Be sure to add it to your collection, and even display it along with Saber Lily ~Distant Avalon~!

Saber Lily ~Golden Caliburn~ 02

Oh Joy for those who missed or bought the previous Saber Lily released by Good Smile Company, well whoever is it, here comes the second version of Saber Lily~!

This great piece of art is Wonder Festival 2010 Limited Edition Product. There are only 3 ways for you to get her:

  1. Attend the Wonder Festival 2010 which will be held on 7th February 2010 and visit the “Wonderful Hobby Life For You!!” 11′ booth to purchase yours. (2000 pieces limited. 2pieces per person.)
  2. Pre-order it via Good Smile Online Shop. (Japan only…)
  3. Ask for help

Saber Lily ~Golden Caliburn~ 03

I really like Saber, no matter Saber Lily, normal Saber, Black Saber, or Red Saber (from Fate/EXTRA).

I’m so want to have all the versions of Saber but due to my economical limitation, I only own Black Saber by Alter (dress version).

Saber Lily ~Golden Caliburn~ 04

Such a lovely version of Saber. Anyone who determined to get this?

3 thoughts on “Saber Lily ~Golden Caliburn~ by Good Smile Company”

  1. Ex14 says:

    This figure strike me as odd. like a face andher pose doesn’t really suit this ver of lily. I dunnoe i think it’s down to personal preference.

    1. John says:

      You got the point too. Some of my friends also stated that GSC should make a new pose for this outfit, such as a more feminine pose instead of sword swinging pose.

  2. Kairu says:

    Saber does need more feminine poses…but hey I still like this one a lot =P
    I love this figure, though I might have to pass I am not much of a Saber fan *Ducks and hides* Saber fans!!! dont kill me >.< jk jk

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