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Good day folks, today I’m going to briefly talk about “spending money”.

I think most people knows that I sells things via online or directly, mostly figurines, Gundams.

A few months ago, someone bought a figure from me. I ordered the stock told him the exact amount he have to pay. He did got the money, but I thought I would only take the money when the stock come.

However, when the stock arrives, the person told me he didn’t have enough money to pay for it. Why? because he spent the money on a bunch of CDs few days before the stock came… and now he’s broke…

That moment, these words came through my mind “H0ly mama, Is he nuts?”

I persisted that he must pay for the stock, and he agreed to pay through installments. Until now… His debt still not yet cleared.

About this case, the problem is not he spend his money as easy as drinking water. The problem is, he don’t even know how to plan his money. If he know how to spend his money wisely, then pouring the money like water won’t have any problems too… (if he got lots of money to be spend)

Pour it like water

We should aware that how much we need to spend and not overusing it. I mean he should know that he still got a thing not yet payed and reserve some money for it. I have no idea how m0r0n he is… He even spend all of his cash… oh come on, if you spend all of your available cash, how are you going to pay when you need…

lots of my friends knows that I collect figurines and gundams. They’re stunned by the price of my collections. Some of them were curious about how am I able to get those collections. My answer would be spend wisely… If you want to know my secret, I just divide my pocket money into 3 categories: Daily, Saving and Collection.

Think before buy

My advise is:



One thought on “Spending Money”

  1. filetofish says:

    haha…i got to say planing how much money we spend is a good thing.
    unlike me.i spend all the cash there is in my pocket.
    and my mom is ordering me to lower my spending.
    i guess better start saving n planning or else she not giving me a single sen!

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