Christmas Eve + Before National Service

It’s Christmas Eve, I wish all my readers and comrades a merry Christmas.

Was inspired by filetofish to write about my Christmas wish list. It may sound insane…

  1. World PEACE (so I can enjoy my life)
  2. Nature PEACE (so I can enjoy my life)
  3. Hardcore gaming PC (too much spec to write)
  4. My very own car (preferably R35)
  5. kill off streamyx (I paid my money for “ehem” service)
  6. kill off proton (blood sucking tick)
  7. P1 WiMAX
  8. pure thick chocolate

Was busy preparing for National Service which going to start on 28th… any reader who also being chosen for national service? Was told by some seniors, that the national service just for you to have fun. Everyday 6 meals, well 3 meals + 3 minum… Everyone knows why… Because of a group of people…

Have fun for 3 months? This is way too much for me. Instead of going there do something not really meaningful, why don’t I just stay at home and mind my own business…

I have to put down all of my tasks, and go there to have some “fun” with a group of “WTF”… oh wait, I got money too, RM450 (rumored)…. wow, thats pretty much, just like ” I pay you money, come and have fun”… OH wait a sec, why don’t I work at somewhere and get rm600 for a month…

Out of all those complains, the biggest problem for me is I have to leave my computer for 3months!?!?!?!? My system, my blog, my anime…

3 thoughts on “Christmas Eve + Before National Service”

  1. HisTorYKiNg says:

    haha..all the way, good luck to u cousin gt ns b4..first few week is kawad whole day..haiz..then all fun stuff like flying fox jus can play once n only play when almost out from camp..haha..n dun thk negative..actually jus 2 months++ only la..n gt holiday too..when holiday jus back n mind your own business la..haha..although the ‘ehem’ gov very ‘wu liao’, jus ‘fu yan’ them kena de also lucky..but sometime kena de also lucky the way, i wish u all the best..not forget each other in future..haha..gambateh..ciao..

  2. HisTorYKiNg says:

    ps: merry xmas n happy new year..^^

  3. filetofish says:

    lol…was trilled when i saw your blog.
    enjoy the 6 meal a day john. u will need it!
    hu knows maybe you will hv a awsome muscular body when u come home.along with a whole lot of hot date.

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