Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Episode27

5 thoughts on “Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Episode27”

  1. QB says:

    Who the hell you think I am?

    Recommendation, DON”T WANT THE MOVIE immediate. Wait until your current state of (HOLY!@#$ gurren lagann epic mode) faded away than watch it to reignite the flame later on.

    1. QB says:

      opps typo, DON’T WATCH

    2. John says:

      Not gonna watch the movie, cause I know it’s a retelling / mashup of the original story…

      Anything that’s condensed into movie are mostly craps…

      1. QB says:

        and thats where you are wrong.
        Ok, gurren hen wasn’t prefect but still enjoyable.
        Never the less, you still need to watch it because they alter certain scenes which the 2nd movie, lagann hen will be using.

        After finishing the first movie, than the second movie is where it shines. Although its a retelling but the way it was presenting stuff that progressively getting more epic by the minute is what makes makes it better but the best part is save for last with an appropriate ending.

        But as I say, people won’t just finish watching the series couldn’t fully appreciate it because its a retelling and people that never watch the series can’t keep up with the madness. But fans the liked it but has long passed the hype, it as great way to remind them of how good the series was.

        But than again, thats my opinion.

        1. John says:

          Hmm, I shall take on your recommendation. Gonna find the movie version.

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