Thanks Giving

To my fellow readers, comrades and lastly, my friends…

When your read this post, I’ve already went for National Service. =.=” Please feel free to laugh.

Few months ago, when I first got the news that I’ve being chosen for NS, I thought that “WTF, this is the worst case scenario!!! I’m going to waste my 3months(or 2months) of my life in this stupiak NS!?!?! Someone please give me back my 3months of youth…”

“but fine, whatever lah..” Now, I have to leave my computer, broadband, blog, anime, figurines, gundams, guitars and everything behind… I guess I should go and have “some fun” for the time being… and left everything for my sister to handle.

Few moments ago, I received few messages from my buddies, wishing for my best and even “one-way-follow-wind” ^^ Thanks for your warmth messages. Some said they’ll see me off tomorrow, I’m really happy. I guess, after tomorrow, I won’t have much chance to meet them. THANK YOU MY FRIENDS.

Thanks for always supporting my blog. Even if I’m away, but I’ll try my best to blog whenever I have the chance. So please keep supporting me… thanks a bunch.

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2 thoughts on “Thanks Giving”

  1. BlazeXLR8 says:

    hello! gonna miss u! haha! haiz, tiz threee month i canot ask u any ques liao..haiz…anyway! hav fun there, can find gf oso! wuahaha! not bad gua…hehe

  2. filetofish says:

    john!cant believe u went to NS already. when u come back i may be a few thousand miles away from malaysia. but yet u hv my best wishes.gambateh!

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