Week’O 12

Its being a long time since my last Week’O…

Busy of doing all sorts of things after NS… While NS related post… still preparing.. coming soon… real soon…

Logitech Optical Mouse

My G1 mouse was dead, and I changed to a random unknown brand mouse… The mouse freaked me out after 2 days using it… The precision of the mouse is TOTALLY s*cks… When you’re moving the mouse, cursor on the screen moves, yah.. i know this is normal… but when I stop, the cursor also stops and then move a bit to a random direction…

This may sounds like a small case, I thought I can handle it because lazy to go buy a new mouse. However, I keep on clicking wrong links when surfing internet, highlight wrong paragraphs during document editing and etc etc… The mouse goes straight into the dustbin…

It might be a bit bit bit waste… But the truth is that thing is not created to increase the efficiency of our work, in fact they’re just being sold for profit only… Hey, RM5 optical mouse, lots of people like to buy this kind of rubbish…

Got the Logitech Optical mouse from D’Fastec at the price of RM26. This Logitech Optical originally costs RM36, RM26(promotion price), I noticed that there’s another exactly same Logitech Optical which costs RM36 with no promotion price… Why? the RM26 is P/S2 port while the RM36 is USB port, which widely used right now… I see… so I just take the p/s2 version…

The mouse comes with the mouse(lol), user manual, product catalogue. Unlike the USB port got plug and play function, p/s2 port mouse require the computer to restart to install the thing… Overall, a very nice mouse.

My Desk

Spent some time to clearing up the rubbish/useless things around my desk. Arranged the stuffs orderly.. The printer was put in this small space, decide to get a small desk and put the printer beside instead, along with the scanner. Put my CDs and DVDs at there… unsorted DVDs still laying around… ^^

MG Turn A Gundam on display… Who cannot accept the looks? I think it is cool and sleek.

ALTER’s 1/8 Black Saber, my all time favourite figure.

How often do you clean your work desk or PC? Do you decorate them?

One thought on “Week’O 12”

  1. T CY says:

    haha , finally u go buy one standard optical mouse
    nvm , great for 1000dpi compare to other standard products which have oni 800dpi

    and ur desk if compare to mine, it is already claim tidy.

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