ZONE – 4th Anniversary of Dismissal

Four years ago, on this day, 2005 1st April, century’s greatest concert was held at Nippon Budokan. It was the last concert for them, ZONE…

They started off in 1999, that went on to become a hit in 2000 with their single “GOOD DAYS”. They became more famous after their fourth single was released, “Secret Base ~Kimi ga Kureta Mono~”.

February of 2005, ZONE officially announced that they were disbanding. The reason was not because of artistic differences or catfights or loss of popularity, they simply wanted to explore options for their futures. That’s a pretty acceptable reason, as at that time 3 of the members had just graduated from high school and one had yet to graduate!

There are lots of video clips available in youtube. Especially their MVs and final concert.


* Believe in love (Indies Single)
* GOOD DAYS (2001/02/07)
* 大爆発 NO.1 (2001/05/23) ”Dai Bakuhatsu NO.1”
* Secret Base ~君がくれたもの~ (2001/08/08) ”Secret Base ~Kimi ga Kureta Mono~”
* 世界のほんの片隅から (2001/11/14) ”Sekai No Hon No Katasumi Kara”
* 夢ノカケラ・・・ (2002/02/14) ”Yume No Kakera”
* 一雫 (2002/07/17) ”Hito-shizuku”
* 証 (2002/09/26) ”Akashi”
* 白い花 (2002/11/27) ”Shiroi Hana”
* True Blue/恋々・・・ (2003/04/16) ”True Blue/Renren…”
* H・A・N・A・B・I ~君がいた夏~ (2003/07/30) ”H.A.N.A.B.I ~Kimi ga Ita Natsu~”
* 僕の手紙 (2003/10/29) ”Boku No Tegami”
* 卒業 (2004/02/04) ”Sotsugyō”
* 太陽のKiss (2004/06/02) ”Taiyō No Kiss”
* Glory Colors ~風のトビラ~ (2004/08/04) ”Glory Colors ~Kaze No Tobira~”
* 笑顔日和 (2005/03/09) ”Egao Biyori”

* Z (2002/02/14)
* O (2002/11/27)
* ASTRO Girlz & Boyz (2003/07/16)
* N (2004/02/18)
* E ~Complete A side Singles~ (2 Discs) (2005/04/13)
* ura E~Complete B side Melodies~ (2006/04/19)

* ZONE CLIPS 01 ~Sunny Side~ (2003/10/29)
* ZONE CLIPS 02 ~Forever Side (2004/03/17)
* ZONE TV special “ユメハジマッタバカリ” DVD edition (2004/09/29)
* ZONE CLIPS 03 ~2005 卒業~ (2005/05/18)
* ZONE FINAL in 日本武道館 2005/04/01 ~心を込めてありがとう~ (2005/06/22) ZONE FINAL LIVE in NIPPON BUDOKAN ~Thank you from the bottom of my heart~

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