Week’O 14

Trio Kampar Trip

Last Sunday, went to Kampar with Comrade ChoonYong and PeiFeng. Since we’re going to study at Kampar starting May/June, we went there to know more about that place. Also, to find a house or room for us to rent. Will write about this event in next post.

MG Unicorn Progress

Started constructing my Master Grade Unicorn Gundam. Which is still in progress…

The upper body is finished, while just starting the lower part. Backpack and weapons still in queue… =.=

Stop the SPAM

there’s no need further explanation, I think everyone experienced above situation. Live Messenger spam…

Recently this problem is becoming more and more serious. I mean every time I log into my Windows Live messenger. I would get at least 3-4 person spamming something like that to me…

It is not their fault to send those spams. It was something like adware or hacks that causes the problem.

ChoonYong told me that, by changing their email password will solve the problem. Because the hackers are unable to use your account to send those useless and annoying spams.I think It’ll work… I’m finding a solution…

So guys and gals… together please stop this phenomena.. DO NOT click on those links given by the spam. It is very obvious that the person wouldn’t write something like: “Look! Your picture!! http://wtf/”

Some more, I don’t know why that someone actually believes and click on the link… there goes….

Western Digital 1TB MyBook Home

Just ordered this baby using my PLKN allowance. Instant death to my AGRO bank account. Waiting it to arrive ^^

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