Week’O 15 Second Semester

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It has being a while since I last write for the Week’O series.

After 3weeks of Semester break, here comes the second semester of my foundation studies at University Tunku Abdul Rahman.

First I’ll simply sum up what I’ve done during my 3 weeks semester break.

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To be frank, I spent most of the time stay at home, except for the Mooncake Festival family gathering that I went to Shah Alam with my family.

weeko15-03 (2)

Other than that, I just stay at home managing my documents and files. Also playing along with my sister’s hamsters.

weeko15-04 (2)

I have no idea how and who lost the wireless router’s power adapter last time.

weeko15-05 (2)

Mom ask me to buy a new power adapter for it, or else it’s a waste leaving it there.

weeko15-06 (2)

Since I’m so free at home, father gave me a task, to observe the land surveyor which going to survey my uncle’s land.

weeko15-07 (2)

weeko15-08 (2)

and I ate lots of snacks at home compared with staying at Kampar… Why? cause at Kampar my daily budget is limited…

weeko15-09 (2)

before back to Kampar, I did some cleaning to my home’s desktop…

weeko15-10 (2)

after back to Kampar… more cleaning need to be done.

weeko15-11 (2)

This picture is taken after a few hours cleaning. Yes this is my new work/study place.

This semester going be a tough semester. The subjects are:

  • Fundamentals of Marketing (I have no idea on how this subject gonna be…)
  • General Mathematics II (I barely made it over during last semester’s G.Math I)
  • Management Studies (Learn how to manage huh….)
  • Web Page Design (I have some basics but not experience)
  • Writing for Business (The first lecture keep on telling to write simple English, if that so, this subject is going to be easy to handle)
  • Writing for Mass Communication (Trying to get myself in this subject)

This semester, my target is to maintain my last semester’s result. Secondary target is to master the Webpage design. That’s all…

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