2011 August

2011 August - 01

The month of August was busy.

Other than non-stop tests and assignments, I also attended several events at my Uni.

2011 August - 02

My second prom night…

I thought prom night supposed to be some kind of social networking night..

Whatever, it’s Malaysian style. More photos at its own post.

2011 August - 03

Rainy day.

2011 August - 04

Butter-Choc cake.

2011 August - 05

Attended my very first planned photo-shooting.

School girl themed, more photos here.

2011 August - 06

Some behind the scene photos.

2011 August - 07

If you liked photography, try to join any photo shooting event.

You’ll learn a lot of new stuff and what’s more, you get to know new friends which shares the same passion as yours.

2011 August - 08

Registered as a seller at my Uni’s flea market.

I sold my Haruhi…

2011 August - 09

Dog at home.

2011 August - 10

I have no idea where, how, why my father got a young wild boar as a pet.

2011 August - 11

Night street.

2011 August - 12

Had a BBQ gathering at friend’s place.

It was a great meet up as some of our friends are going overseas to study soon.

2011 August - 13

Jungle trekking or hiking… Whatever you call it..

2011 August - 14

2011 August - 15

2011 August - 16

Loads of things happened in the middle of the hike, but it was fun.

Embrace mother nature, do you?

One thought on “2011 August”

  1. Calvin Lau says:

    hey, i love the photo that a guy with a broom at the back. ^^
    damn cool~ hahaha

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